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If you used an

elevator today,

it was probably installed

by our skilled staff

Zaum Elevators has

installed more than

5,000 elevators

all over Israel


Zaum has already installed some 5,000 elevators all over
Israel, and that number continues to rise. Delivering
professional capabilities equaling those of the largest
organizations, Zaum handles installations in all
types and sizes of buildings, fromhigh-rise
residential towers to industrial plants.
The company supports clients
throughout every stage of
the project ,providing
personal attention while
always considering
the bigger picture.

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Servicing &

Zaum’s 24/7 call center gives all clients
complete peace of mind, ensuring that
solutions can be found to any problem around
the clock. Covering all of Israel from north to south,
Zaum technicians provide reliable, rapid responses to
client needs for all types of elevators, including regular
servicing, repairs, preventive maintenance, renovations, and upgrades.

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Elevator Upgrades

Zaum has extensive experience servicing and renovating
older elevators, and performs a range of upgrades
on existing elevator systems. These systems
can now be upgraded to modern, 21st century
safety standards, with attractive new designs.
Contact Zaum’s professional staff at any
time for a free consultation and to
learn more about all the
available upgrade

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Since 1969

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