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Elevator Upgrades

When upgrading the elevator, we upgrade the accessibility, reliability of the elevator and most importantly the safety of the passengers. Economically, an upgrade will maintain its health and reduce the treatments caused by malfunctions. In addition, power consumption will decrease and the electricity bill will be reduced. The upgrade of the elevator significantly reduces the length of work as opposed to the installation of a new elevator and the work is carried out professionally and with maximum consideration of the building's occupants. After upgrading the elevator you can expect a short waiting time for the elevator as the elevator will work better and faster. For us safety is above all. Elevator upgrade includes replacement of major parts of the elevator that will improve the opening of the doors, stop the elevator will be more accurate and docking in place of the stop, power supply in power failures and emergency situations so that the elevator can continue to operate and not get stuck and a wide range of upgrades and improvements that will improve the standard of living of tenants Building and even may be that the property value will rise. An elevator is also upgraded with visibility. When you upgrade the elevator, you can change the lighting fixtures, you can add a look of different sizes, the dashboard is replaced with new and more comfortable buttons. You can choose new colors for the elevator that will suit more pleasant atmosphere and more solutions and suggestions for improving elevator visibility. Accessibility is a word that was not used and of course not acted upon in the past. Today, the awareness of accessibility and sensitivity towards people with disabilities is much higher, and we also place special emphasis on the issue of upgrading the elevators. Upgrading the elevator increases accessibility both in terms of the width of the doors opening in the elevator that allow the smooth entry of a wheelchair and in terms of size of the elevator itself. In some cases elevator space can increase by about 50%. Adding that even the panel pressures are replaced by pressures with Braille numbers and letters for blind and visually impaired people. Perhaps not every building has a handicapped person or a disabled person, but there are relatives, friends and visitors who are disabled and as a thoughtful society we have to think about them as well. Many buildings are undergoing renovations, either in a private framework in the residents' decision and in plan 38. In both cases, renovation and upgrading of the elevator are an integral part of the renovation. Zamil Elevators has a wealth of knowledge in handling and providing services for old elevators, and it offers all its customers the ability to upgrade their elevator systems and promote them to the 2000s, both in terms of safety and visibility. Time for consultation (no cost) and deployment of all possible The upgrade costs faced by the client.

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