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Servicing & Maintenance

Maintenance of elevators is a very important ongoing operation and meets strict standards to ensure that all parts of the elevator is normal at any given time and does not become a poor factor for its users. In addition to the safety aspect, elevator maintenance regularly saves on unexpected future expenses of repairs and replacement of parts whose price can reach high levels. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor - in charge of the regulations and guidelines - obligates each joint building with an elevator to provide maintenance services carried out by a elevators maintenance company that operates with the approval of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Once every six months, a representative of the building, usually the house committee, is required to contact the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor to determine a semi-annual inspection conducted by an authorized examiner on their behalf. In addition to the examiner, a representative of the maintenance company you choose must also be invited to be examined. If the assessor finds faults, the maintenance company representative takes care of them and only after everything is normal in the elevator does the examiner sign a confirmation of propriety. Therefore, it is important to keep the elevator intact by preventive maintenance throughout the year, not to wait for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor inspection and to prevent inconvenience and damage to the quality of life of the tenants in the building. The maintenance of the elevator includes checking the engine and mechanical parts, lubricating the axes and all the relevant systems, checking the integrity of the brakes, checking the wear of all the parts in the elevator and the mechanisms, checking the electrical system, opening and closing the doors properly and more. When an elevator technician comes to you, do not be shy to ask and even ask for a certificate or document attesting to his certification. The elevator's maintenance keeps you and your family safe and you want to be quiet and know that the person handling the elevator is authorized to do so. The service center, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provides clients with peace of mind and solutions around the clock for any problem. Fasting technicians operate throughout the country, from north to south, and provide a fast and reliable response to all customers' needs for all types of elevators including regular service, repairs, preventive maintenance, renovations and upgrades.

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