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Installing Elevators

There is a false claim that it is impossible to upgrade old buildings and install an elevator, but this is not the case. Although the procedure to do so may be complex and requires the cooperation of the tenants of the building, but the result of the work much pays for several reasons: The quality of life increases considerably, especially for residents living on high floors in the building. The building becomes more pleasant and less noisy in the stairwell. Surprisingly, installing an elevator can improve the building's visibility and provide it with innovative design. The value of the property increases considerably. Tests in recent years show that existing buildings that installed elevators have managed to raise the value of the property up to 40%. Elevator installation costs vary from building to building according to parameters of elevator size, construction complexity and more. It is important to note that the cost of maintenance of the elevator in the building is paid by the tenants of the building, but each tenant may present an objection to payment according to the floor in which he lives. For this purpose, a tenant on the ground floor is not obliged to pay because he does not use the elevator. The first step that must be taken after deciding to install an elevator is to choose a professional elevator installation and maintenance company that will accompany you all and will assist you in every step of the planning and approval process until the push of the button calling the elevator to come. To date, Tzomet has installed 5,000 elevators throughout the country, and the hand is still on the rise. Its professional capabilities are comparable to large organizations and it carries out installations in buildings of any type and size - from residential towers to industrial plants. The company provides full support to its customers throughout the project, providing them with close supervision and personal attention, while viewing the full picture and taking care of all the small details.

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